EarthPlug - AGU waste compactors without power supply

EARTHPLUG - compact waste without power supply

EarthPlug is a newly developed add-on that allows you to use AGU waste compactors whenever there is no power supply to hand.

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All you need to know about EarthPlug:

What is EarthPlug?

EarthPlug is a newly developed add-on that allows you to use AGU waste compactors whenever there is no power supply to hand. EarthPlug consists of three basic components: 1. a high-quality photovoltaic module, 2. a scalable storage battery and 3. a charger with integrated power converter

How does EarthPlug work?

Once the EarthPlug components have been mounted onto the machine and the photovoltaic module has been adjusted to take full advantage of the solar radiation, EarthPlug can be put into operation. The photovoltaic module can either be attached to the machine using a mount or it can be attached to on an existing car port, for example. The photovoltaic module and the charger now use the sunlight to charge the storage battery. The power storage then operates the machine.

Since EarthPlug converts the power from the storage device into normal 230V AC, there is no need to compromise when it comes to press force or operating speed.

The storage device is available in different extension levels. The larger the storage device, the longer the machine can be operated if there isn't enough ambient light to recharge the device. This can happen in autumn and winter, for example. If the photovoltaic module is covered in snow in the winter, the storage device cannot charge until the snow is removed. To prevent damage to the storage device sustained from low temperatures, EarthPlug has a small built-in heater.

If lighting conditions are so poor that the storage tank cannot recharge over a prolonged period, or if the storage device is fully discharged, EarthPlug's emergency power connection allows the storage device to be recharged so that the machine can be operated. To do this, EarthPlug must then be temporarily connected to a 230V power source.

Is EarthPlug available for all AGU waste compactors?

Not yet, but we're working hard to make it available to all our products as soon as possible. Look for the "compatible with EarthPlug"-label on the product pages to see which compactor is ready to be enhanced with EarthPlug.

Is it possible to add EarthPlug to an already existing compactor?

This should be possible - please ask us for details!

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